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A game about unconventional locomotion that makes you the "Nope". 
Fly, stab things, crawl, jump and, most importantly, look weird doing it!


This is the first public demo of what is basically my very first game. Things can go a little wrong here.  I’ve built and tested the game on a single PC, but judging by player feedback their experience did not differ much from what I’ve intended to make.  That said, I really need any feedback I can get!

Headsets compatibility :

  • HTC Vive - Compatible. Tested it myself.
  • Valve index - Compatible. Tested by a helpful user.
  • Samsung Odyssey - Compatible. Tested by a helpful user.
  • Oculus Rift - Build to work. Not tested yet.
  • Oculus Quest (via Virtual Desktop) - barely works. Flying functions fine, but walking is super glitchy.
  • The list is updated as I receive user feedback. Feel free to try the game on your headset and let me know how it works =)

Controls for HTC Vive:

  • Switch from feet to wings by pressing trackpads (on Vive and Index) or A/B/X/Y buttons on Oculus. 
  • Stretch feet into spikes by squeezing triggers.
  • Bring up third-person monitor (Looking glass) with grip buttons (on Vive and Oculus) or A/B buttons on Index.
  • Optionally use mouse to orient third-person camera. (Useful for spectating and making videos)
  • Additional controls and settings are available through the desktop GUI

Join "Nogi-v-Ruki" Discord server if you’re that kind of person.

v 0.1b


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Nogi-v-Ruki 0.1b.zip 235 MB


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Noice! good to see another dev into mad vr locomotion systems :) had a play, once you work out what axes you use in the programming it comes pretty naturally, (tho that does always take surprisingly long to work out) Curious to see where this goes :)

Выглядит очень круто! Но похоже я не могу протестить на рифте. Игра не запускает steam vr и работает только через oculus app, но контроллеры не трекаются. Что делать?)


К сожалению игра пока не работает на Oculus. Видимо я не справился с настройкой. Прости, пока ещё работаю над этим. 

Некоторым пользовтелям удавалось запустить на Quest через virtual desktop, но не без багов.

В этой игре используется SteamVR plugin?

(1 edit)

Да, он самый. Я думал плагин сам позаботится о настройке под Rift, так же как он сделал под Vive и Index. 

Но видимо это более сложная история(


Это странно, что на рифте даже контроллеры не подтягиваются, обычно бывают только проблемы с биндами. Во всех моих проектах плагин работает исправно. Ладно, буду ждать обновы)

Я добавил совметсимость с Oculus. Можешь проверить?


In terms of gameplay I think it definitely has potential to expand further. I can see something similar to Windland or Jet Island, where the most interesting part is to build mastery upon new "sports", in your case it's flying, crawling and jumping. The flying mechanic is also perfect for exploring big open maps. 

However I'm a bit confused whether I should flap my wings like a bird or just wiggling rapidly. The level is too daunting for beginners to practice flying. I'd prefer a "safer" place to do the tutorial.

Also you'll have to implement in-game rotation sooner or later, unless you're targeting wireless device like Quest. I couldn't finish the laser part simply because the cable was too annoying. 

Totally agree. A skilled based game is something I’ve had in mind.

Yes, there does seem to be a divide between people who swing wings rapidly and those that make slow large swings. My intention was for the latter, but as it stands there is no right or wrong way to do it.

The level I have at the moment is clearly not a starting stage, it’s just that I’ve only had time to make a single stage and I opted for a larger space that represents a middle point of where I want the players to get (at least skill-wise) and not the starting safe-space. But that has to be changed in later iterations.

The cables are a problem and I will certainly have to address that in one way or another. Thanks again!

played on rift cv1 and when i got into the game i couldnt do anything.  no movement or controller imput

Thanks for letting me know! I don't own Oculus, so I was unable to test that myself. My hope was that the SteamVR plugin will take care of that for me. I'll let you know when I fix this.

Played on Oculus Quest via Virtual Desktop and character becomes uncontrollable as soon as I touch the ground. It feel like some "wall glitch" in other games that causes the character move very fast. 

Played with Vive wands again and no glitch this time. So it might be the issue on the Oculus controllers or just Virtual Desktop itself.  I do notice that the "HandVelocity" on Oculus Touch is generally higher (and less "realistic"), so if the physics relies on it you might want to take it into consideration early.  

Thanks for the info!
I guess setting up Rift compatibly involves a bit more than installing the SteamVR plugin. No surprise there. I'll make sure to update the game description to reflect these the Oculus issues.

You're absolutely right, hand velocity plays huge part in the locomotion system. So this very well might be the issue.

Glad that you've got it working one way or another.
How was the gameplay anyway?

Excited to try it!

Please do! I'm craving for feedback =)